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About Us

Born in North East England, raising games worldwide

Founder Stuart Smith has worked with the world's best short game exponents, and designed golf clubs for some of the world's leading brands for 30+ years. He worked with and coached outstanding players, including Severiano Ballesteros, Jose Maria Olazabal and Miguel Angel Jimenez.

Stuart Smith Jose Maria Golf Coach
Seve Stuart Smith

What are we here for?

We're here to address the gulf that has been made between young players, older players and Tour Pro’s in shot making ability around the greens. We want to boost participation, attract new players, make occasional golfers want to play more and turn these into avid golfers by developing the game.

We aren’t trying to go away from the traditions of the game, but instead bring back some aspects of shot making that have been taken away. These regulation changes are really aimed at 0.5% of the world golfers - elite pros - because of escalating distance achieved with ball and club giving unfair advantages.

Golf ball innovations of the golf ball from Balata cover and wound core to multi-layer sold balls have added distance but taken away some of the fun around the greens. Groove restrictions have also impacted wedges and shot making around the green. Tour players have the luxury of playing new wedges every week which many do to retain the factory groove sharpness, amateur players and non tour pro’s don’t have the same opportunity.

99.9% of us will not hit the ball as far as the tour player, but with Smithworks wedges we can certainly hit shots up to and around the greens worthy of any tour player

Our aim is to bring the fun back into our beloved game for the old and new golfers alike

Bringing the short game fun back!

At SmithWorks we wanted to design a brand to works to the good of the game and love of our sport. We believe that golf is a sport built on integrity, etiquette, camaraderie, all played in a healthy environment by all age groups together and want to build equipment to enhance enjoyment for all levels.

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