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Technology in action: SmithWorks clubs are the fastest and most effective spinning wedges on the planet. Our heads were designed by combining 40+ years experience in golf head design for major brands including Taylor Made, MD Golf and UST Mamiya.

How we did it

SmithWorks wedges feature a high centre of gravity which is created by our reduced weight sole, high blade weight distribution and a shorter hosel. This allows the mass to be distributed to the club centre to create a vertical balanced head.


 Our highly specialised vertical balance feature helps to ensure less distance and flight dispersion on off centre hits more likely on wedge shots. Better grouping distance control and flight control from allies around and approaching the green.



Our high CG also creates more spin. This High CG is no good on drivers but fantastic when using wedges. The extra impact adhesion is increased by our unique ceramic blast finish. 



You'll also find our unique full face "x" pattern which will give continuous spin round after round.


Our head also features a multi-shot sole grind. This allows play from all lies, together with a total face milling and groove covering for consistent performance and reaction on any face contact.



All of our heads are cast in high carbon 304 super soft steel with a forged face for ultra endurance and maximum fun. We put all of these elements together to design the most advanced, controllable, spinning, fun wedges ever.

 SmithWorks Golf: The industry leader in Vertical Balance® wedges. 


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