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Smithworks Putters

More control. More precision.

Introducing Rolas© Putters

Designed for performance and feel with stunning aesthetics. Each model offers its own strategic advantage, helping you sink more putts with greater precision.

Smithworks putters come fully equipped with a 100% CNC milled brass face, a military grade alloy body and tungsten steel screws, precisely positioned to increase the MOI and playability.

Choose from 4 special limited edition models:


The Half-Mallet

The beautiful half mallet designed head with Brass Face, Alloy Body & Tungsten Steel Screws come together to form a perfectly weighted half mallet that offers great feel and forgiveness.

Developed with our rigorously tested 5 Alignment Target Lines which provide the best alignment combination of any half mallet head, you’ll be be able to hit putts straight down the line.

Every. Single. Time.

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The Blade

The RB-2 has more face balance than any other blade in the world. The alloy body & tungsten steel screws make the RB-2 extremely forgiving, with a high MOI.

For players who feel a toe hang putter is difficult to play consistently, finding themselves getting a bit too handsy, or their stroke is more square-to-square without toe release, this is the blade for you.

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The Heel Shafted Mallet

Our uniquely shaped Mallet putter combines a forward weighted brass face and tungsten steel weights on the wing tips, making it the ultimate option for stable and balanced putting.

The culmination of advanced technology we've squeezed into the RB-3 creates a big MOI, meaning you get even more forgiveness on off-centre hits, making this the biggest upgrade to your game.

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The Centre Shafted Mallet

The RB3-C shaft tip is centred in the exact centre of the face, making it a true centre shaft design, as opposed to the centre of the top line (like most other centre shafted putters).

This makes it a great option for Mallet head lovers who like to release the head, or have an into to square putting arc. It offers a slight toe hang, quite different for centred shaft mallets, helping you putt with pinpoint accuracy.

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The Unique Tri-Mallet

The meticulously crafted Rolas© RB-4 is designed for stability and balance, its curved face and tungsten steel weights optimize alignment and control.

A harmonious blend of feel, balance, and precision on the greens.

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Putter Grips

Each Rolas model comes compelte with a headcover and 45g Synthetic Smithworks design grip as standard.


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Custom Covers

Each Rolas© putter comes compelte with a bespoke head cover, safeguarding your putter from wear and tear.


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