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Smithworks Putters

More control. More precision.

Introducing Rolas© Putters

Designed for performance and feel with stunning looks.

Featuring a 100% CNC milled brass face and a military grade alloy body each model comes complete with tungsten steel screws, precisely positioned to increase the MOI and playability.

Choose from 4 special models:


The Half-Mallet

Our beautiful, solid half-mallet putter, featuring a Brass face with Military grade alloy, making the shape complete.

A Face balanced putter for more square-to-square putting stokes and heel, toe and sole weighted for a higher MOI

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The Blade

The RB-2 is the most face balanced putter of its type.

Featuring a unique brass face the RB2 incorporates more forward weighting, which reduces toe hang.

Great for inside-to-release short and a blade for square-to-square strokers for the first time.

Heel and toe weighted for a high MOI

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The Heel Shafted Mallet

The RB-3 is a heel shafted full mallet shaped face balanced putter. Featuring an Alpha brass face with military grade alloy, making its shape heeland toe back weighted for a large MOI, producing an extremely stable head design.

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The Centre Shafted Mallet

The RB3-C Putter, is a centre shafted variation of the the Rolas© RB3.

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Putter Grips

Each Rolas model comes compelte with a headcover and 45g Synthetic Smithworks design grip as standard.


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Custom Covers

Each Rolas© putter comes compelte with a bespoke head cover, safeguarding your putter from wear and tear.


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