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★★★★★ Customer Rated 4.8 / 5 Stars

Smithworks Rolas RB-3C Half Mallet Putter
Smithworks Rolas RB-3C Half Mallet Putter
Smithworks Rolas RB-3C Half Mallet Putter
Smithworks Rolas RB-3C Half Mallet Putter
Smithworks Rolas RB-3C Half Mallet Putter Grip

Rolas RB-3 Putter

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Introducing the Rolas© RB-3. An exceptionally stable full mallet design in a heel shafted head.

The shaft on our centre shaft putter is centred in the exact centre of the face to make a true centre shaft design.

A fully CNC'd Alpha brass face with a military grade alloy body featuring a high and forward CG for a pure roll in an exceptionally stable and modern design.

Heel, toe weighted with tungsten steel for higher MOI giving a consistent roll on centre and off centre strikes, a super stable full mallet with great feel and forgiveness.

A face balanced full mallet, best suited for square to square putting strokes. 

  • Face balanced mallet putter
  • CNC milled Alpha brass head
  • X- milled face
  • 3 alignment lines
  • Matt, glare-free finish
  • Black ED Shaft
  • Midsize putter grip for all grip types
  • Headcover included
  • Loft: 3.5°
  • Head Colour: Brass/Black Head 
  • Head weight: 365g
  • Lie: 72°
  • Custom black ED double bend shaft
  • Smithworks propietary grip
  • Grip Weight 46g

Rolas RB-3 Putter

£289.00 GBP

Rolas© RB-3C

The Full Mallet

The Rolas© RB-3C is a full mallet shape designed putter.

The face is Computer milled from a solid 2.5KG block of Alpha brass, it's unique shape and back heel toe weights make this an extremley stable and balanced putter.

The shaft on this model is centred in the middle of the face, a true centre shaft putter.

✔️ Face balanced.

✔️ Perfect for for square-to-square strokes.

"The Gucci of Putters"

Steve Johnston PGA Reviews the RB3


Computer milled-X design face ensures a consistent strike in wet or dry conditions.

Controlled putting

The RB-3 is heel and toe back weighted giving it a big MOI.

Tungsten steel weights on the wing tips with a forward weighted brass face make this putter extremley stable and easy to control.

Big MOI means more forgiveness on off-center hits

Alpha Grade Brass Face

The RB-3 has incorporated an Alpha brass face on a high MOI putter.

CNC milled from a 2.5kg solid brass block

Brass is a higher density material than steel or alloy, giving a softer, more solid feel.

The forward CG gets the ball rolling quicker with less slide at impact.

This combination gives the great feel and solid strike of the brass material but with the forgiveness on off centre hits of a high forward MOI putter.

Advanced targeting

Perfectly square face with 3 target lines for precise alignment.

Increased distance control

Each RB-3 is forward and heel toe balanced, getting the ball rolling quicker with less slide.

The RB-3 Reviewed:

Had a go with my mates last week at Pottergate Golf Club. Looks stunning but it feels even better. Shape is beautiful very easy to get aligned, weight feels consistent throughout Possibly the best putter I’ve ever tried?

Mark Casey

I've been using the RB-3 recently and have been impressed with everything about this very attractive looking putter. The balance is superb and the feel is beautiful. Don't be surprised to see these putters on tour soon.

Colin Brown

Choose from 4 models:

The Half-Mallet

The perfectly weighted half mallet that offers great feel and forgiveness

Rolas RB-2 Blade Putter

The Blade

More face balance than any other blade in the world

Centre Shafted Mallet

The best option for Mallet head lovers who like to release the head, or have an into-to-square putting arc

Unique Tri-Mallet

A harmonious blend of feel, balance, and precision on the greens.