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Buy 3 And Save £20 Per Wedge

★★★★★ Customer Rated 4.8 / 5 Stars

It's time for a new set of wedges that spin like hell 🌪

Get your hands on one of the independently voted hottest wedges of 2023 to see what everyone's talking about.

✔️ More spin than you could ever imagine, even on tour

✔️ More control around the greens

✔️ More fun to play with; watch your golf mates heads turn and jaws drop

What customers are saying:

"More bite than a great white"

Proven to improve your short game

"The most fun you'll ever have with a golf wedge, guaranteed."

Choose from conforming and non-conforming

Whether you play for fun or in sanctioned events, there's a range suited to every golfer

Golfers ask us:

What makes them super spinny? 🧐

Why not get a Vokey instead? Get a load of this 👇

Vertical Balance® Technology

With more weight removed from sole and added to the top line, this helps create high and low weight distribution, facilitating more control and spin. You can read more here.

Full Face 'Super X'

Look at the sexy grooves on these! We challenge you to find anything elsel like these on the market. And wow, do they perform on the greens.

Why you can trust us

40+ years in the making, crafted by Tour Player and TaylorMade club head designer Stuart Smith

What the pro's say:

Some AMAZING stopping power here. I love the feel, love the control, even in tricky weather. They consistently outperformed the RTX4, achieve ing 10,000 rpm backspin every time. They're in my bag.

Michael Newton
Golf Pro and Youtuber

These make golf fun again. The action on them is just incredible. Stops on a dime. Insane spinning grooves. I actually get an adrenaline rush from a wedge. They're staying in the bag.

Steve Johnson
Golf Pro and Youtuber

Real rippers coming back on the pitching shots. The actual weighting of the club feels great. It's all about fun around the greens, generating a crazy amount of backspin, super grippy!

Peter Finch


Buy 3, save £20 per club!

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Tour Conforming

Playing sanctioned events? Be the player getting the most backspin in every competition

Play for fun

Shop our most popular extreme spinning wedges. Guaranteed fun around the greens on every shot


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