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Buy 3+ And Save £20 Per Wedge

★★★★★ Customer Rated 4.8 / 5 Stars

Buy 3+ and save $20 per wedge


It's time for a new set of wedges that spin like hell 🌪

Voted hottest wedges of 2023
What pros are saying

"This awesome wedge gets CRAZY SPIN" 🤯

Watch what Golf Pro and Youtuber Matt Fryer had to say in an independent review of the X-Spin Wedges.

AMAZING stopping power

I love the feel, love the control, even in tricky weather. They consistently outperformed the RTX4, achieve ing 10,000 rpm backspin every time. They're in my bag.

- Michael Newton, PGA Pro

These make golf FUN again

The action on them is just incredible. Stops on a dime. Insane spinning grooves. I actually get an adrenaline rush from a wedge.

- Steve Johnson, PGA Pro

CRAZY amount of backspin

Real rippers coming back on the pitching shots. The actual weighting of the club feels great. It's all about fun around the greens, generating a crazy amount of backspin, super grippy!

- Peter Finch, PGA Pro

40+ years in the making

Designed by Tour Player and Ex-TaylorMade club head designer Stuart Smith
SmithWorks Golf

Proven to improve your short game

"The most fun you'll ever have with a golf wedge, guaranteed."

What customers say

Great feel almost immediately. One of my 1st full shots grabbed the green hard and backed up a little from a less than ideal lie. Chips and pitches from close in stop better allowing you to be more aggressive!

First time using the 50 club....I love it!
Allows you to be more aggressive around the green!

I'm a high handicap and never been able to get spin before now I get all the time highly recommended for any handicap but for me does what it says on the tin brilliant

These cast milled wedges are huge for seniors with slower swing speeds. Big difference over "normal" top of the line models!

I bought 60 towards the end of my golf league season in 2023. I bought the 52 and 56 just 3 weeks ago and haven’t use them yet being the temperature have been in the 20 and 30 range here in Pa. I love the way they feel and sound and everybody who golfed enough know what I’m talking about and the fact that I was able to get them in a 2 degree upright made it a no brainer. Thank you Smithworks!

So this would be my 2nd purchase from Smithworks. Not only am I impressed by the spin of the ball, but the weight of the clubs themselves are absolutely spot on. I Myself have been a Titleist Vokey fan forever even with the spin these feel better and perform better.

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Master your short game

Choose from conforming and non

Cast Milled X-Spin Wedge 3.0
Cast Milled X-Spin Wedge 3.0
Cast Milled X-Spin Wedge 3.0
Laser Milled X-Spin Wedge 3.0
Laser Milled X-Spin Wedge 3.0
Laser Milled X-Spin Wedge 3.0