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Cast Milled X-Spin Wedge 3.0

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Introducing Smithworks X-Spin wedges 3.0.

For those of you who have our Smithworks wedges and love the control, feel and spin and for those who haven’t tried them yet, we've made the best controllable wedges in the world, even better.

The new X-Spin range offers even more control and spin than ever before.

Stand out in your four ball, and show your golf mates you're the king of spin!

Note: The SmithWorks Cast Milled wedge has not been submitted to the R&A or USGA for official approval in elite events. If you're looking for elite level spin for sanctioned events, check out our Laser Milled wedge.

    ✔️ Cold Forged from High Chromium Nickel Steel

    ✔️ Cast milled Super-X for extra adhesion and spin.

    ✔️ Unique super fine ceramic blast finish.

    ✔️ Improved Vertical Balance® face technology

    ✔️ Improved adaptive sweet spot

    ✔️ Larger spin striking face area

    ✔️ Improved Weight distribution cavities, unique to each loft.

    ✔️ Loft focussed sole grinds

    ✔️ Full face grooves.

    ✔️ Shorter weight reducing hosel.

    ✔️ A 'Worn in' Feel leading edge

    N.B - The Cast Milled wedge may be abrasive to the ball when new.

    Priority Domestic and International Shipping

    Thousands of 5-star reviews and happy golfers

    Built using customised premium components

    Cast Milled X-Spin Wedge 3.0

    £134.00 GBP
    Technical Specifications
    Loft° Sole Bounce Lie Length Steel SW Hand
    48° Tour Grind / Milled 63° 35.75"* D3 RH/LH
    50° Tour Grind / Milled 63° 35.75" D3 RH
    52° Tour Grind / Milled 63° 35.5" D3 RH/LH
    54° Tour Grind / Milled 11° 63° 35.5* D3° RH
    56° Tour Grind / Milled 12° 63° 35.25"* D4 RH/LH
    58° Tour Grind / Milled 11° 63° 35"* D5 RH
    60° Tour Grind / Milled 10° 63° 35"* D5 RH/LH
    Stock Shaft
    Stock Grip

    Performance Benefits

    Maximum Forgiveness

    Super easy to hit in all lies and conditions


    Extreme spin for great fun round after round

    Pin-point accuracy

    Ultra controllable shots, watch them stop, drop and zip 🌪️


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 168 reviews

    Excellent wedges! Great spin, control and feel!



    Reggie Fisher
    This club is awesome

    For chipping nothing better. Little ruff on the old balls. 😂 but worth it.

    Barry Burnham

    Works great when are we having a 64 degree??

    Jason Gittins
    Nice club if itvwas in better hands

    Nice club if it was in better hands

    This wedge gets CRAZY SPIN

    'It takes you back to your childhood, trying to zip it back'

    New sole grinds

     Specific to loft function

    Perfectly Balanced for spin and Control

    It's What's On The Inside That Counts

    Smithworks Wedges arrive jam-packed with the latest in wedge design technology, allowing you to look and play the part of a tour pro

    Progressive Weight Cavity

    Our new progressive weight cavity generates greater Vertical Balance® creating better distance control and more spin

    Larger Face Striking Area

    larger performance striking area with an increased Vertical Balance® sweet spot allows maximum forgiveness on non-centre strikes

    Fully Milled Sole

    The bigger, wider tour grind sole increases glide through turf & sand interaction on all shots offering better shot versatility.

    Super Fine Ceramic Blast

    And full face cast Super X's for greater ball adhesion, more control and spin.

    Higher CG

    More weight removed from sole and added to the top line, creating high and low weight distribution for greater Vertical Balance®, facilitating more control and spin.

    Super Soft

    High Chromium Nickel Steel

    Higher blade weight distribution, featuring a shorter, weight reducing hosel for long lasting maximum spin performance round after round

    Don't just take our word for it

    -- Cast Milled Reviews --

    Tons Of Backspin With The New SmithWorks Wedge!!

    -Michael Netwon, PGA

    EXTREME FACE and SPIN golf wedge!

    - Peter Finch Golf

    "The most fun you'll ever have around the greens"

    What customers have to say...

    I love the weight and feel of these wedges. I have the legal ones for comps and the non conforming for fun. And believe me they are such fun, crazy amount of spin generated and watching the ball fizz back on the greens is awesome.

    Mark Mepham

    Ordered my Smithworks wedge Sunday, Tuesday morning and it’s been delivered. Great customer service, wedge looks fantastic!

    Can’t wait till the weekend to blame it for all my bad play! Thanks guys!

    Jamie Pedder

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