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Wedge decay: What are the facts?

New wedge grooves

When Should You Replace Your Wedges?

Throughout most of your bag, you can get away with changing clubs every few years or so. However, did you know that a golf wedge will lose it’s performance a lot quicker through continued usage?

Different factors dictate the rate of that decline in performance. These include: 

1. How often you play.

2. How much you use your wedges each round.

3. You may have a go to wedge for around the greens and bunkers, this wedge will wear out the quickest.

4. Do you practice with your wedges? This will accelerate the demise in performance. Hitting harder cover range balls will wear down the edge of the grooves over time.

5. Course Conditions: A sandy soil course will cause more damage to your head, as will a lot of bunker play.

💡 Tour fact: Did you know that some tour players have a practice wedge and a tournament wedge? 

Tell tales signs your wedges need replacing:

❌ The grooves and face look worn.
❌ Grooves loose deepness and profile.
❌ Shots will begin to go higher.
❌ They will spin less when landing
❌ No check on first or second bounce.
❌ Roll more on the greens.
❌ Become difficult and unpredictable to play in wet or damp conditions.
❌ Have less control in distance, less control in different greenside lies i.e. rougher grass, become less manageable and ultimately less fun.

How often do wedge grooves last?

Your wedges may look fine minus the odd scratch or two or dirt in the grooves, but they may not be delivering maximum spin. Advice from experts advise that you should inspect your wedges for groove wear every 60-70 rounds. Start by inspecting the overall physical condition of the wedge and groove.

Advice from notes that if you are serious about your equipment, and want to maintain peak performance, it might make sense to consider swapping out your wedges every 12-36 months depending on how often you play, practice, and the durability of the material.

This is not the case with a SmithWorks Wedge. Why?

SmithWorks Laser Milled Wedges are built to the limit of approved conformity and have a ceramic blasted face which keep the newness of the head longer.
The Vertical Balance of all our heads help retain performance even when the grooves are becoming tired.
SmithWorks Cast Milled heads will keep giving great performance even after significant use.

Did you know that the face milling is not cnc’d or lasered into the head? It is actually cast into the head and will take the wear and tear of regular practice.

This means SmithWorks Wedges will play for much longer and still produce control, lower launch and spin in all conditions, significantly longer than any other wedge on the market.

More fun with you wedges for longer, that’s our aim.

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