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Shipping Delay Update

Dear Customer,

Thanks for informing us about your undelivered order. I am sorry you have not received your new order as promptly as you expected and please accept my apologies on behalf of SmithWorks Golf.

Please rest assured that your delivery is still on its way and that we are very much aware of the situation. Your order, along with around 80 or so others, have been held up at Fed Ex’s Charles De Gaulle processing station. We have spoken to FedEx on multiple occasions every day to try and identify the reason for the holdup. So far, we have been notified that FedEx have a significant backlog of orders that they’re working through to process and ship ASAP. They believe this is as a result of them taking on higher than usual volumes as a by-product of the impact of COVID-19 on the supply chain. 

Whilst this situation is out of our current control, please understand that we are doing everything possible at our end to speed this process up. I understand how frustrating this is for you. I’m sure that you’re itching to get out onto the course and try your new wedge(s) out. Please rest assured that we are doing everything in our control to remedy the situation.

As an emerging brand, situations such as these are really disruptive to new companies, and can leave a bitter taste in the mouth of our valued customers such as yourself. Our raison d'etre is to bring the fun back into golf, and I know this situation isn’t acceptable.

Please know that I want you to have the best possible experience with SmithWorks Golf, and that such delays have never happened before.  Once again, I apologise for any inconvenience FedEx have caused and look forward to filling your future orders in timely manner. I’ll do my best to keep you in the loop as this situation progresses. In the meantime, please continue to check your tracking ID.

In case you would like to talk to us, please feel free to reach our customer service manage Ryan via email at or through our Facebook page direct chat anytime. We value our relationship with you and will ensure that we are doing everything to keep you satisfied.

Thanks again for your understanding and patience, you are really important to us and I regret any inconvenience caused due to the delay. 

Yours sincerely,

Stuart Smith

CEO - SmithWorks Golf


21st June Update - Most shipments have now been shipped to Memphis for dispatch this week, update to follow.